Area News!

Area F1 – Jackie Alford (Interim)               

Area F1 Director is currently vacant. Area F1 has six dynamic clubs: Foster Farms Roasters, Talk Show, Linguistics Lynx, Talk It Up, Big Shots, and Sunrise.

Area F2 – Dr. Peter Lee, ACS, CL                       

The four clubs in Area F2 stretch from the valley floor all the way up to Groveland. Dr. Lee is the president of Winning With Words as well as a college and university lecturer in the humanities. Interests, aside from Toastmasters, include the American Civil War as a British observer, landscape photographer, travel, public speaking, hi-fidelity sound with a European high-end audio business, camping and hiking. Prior to early retirement from the Boy Scouts of America after girls were admitted and following some thirty years’ service with the Boy Scouts in Singapore, the U.K. and U.S.A., the collection of Boy Scout memorabilia from around the world was a major interest and still continues albeit lower key. Other interests include reading the classics and of course anything to do with food including making pots of jam.

Most people have heard of the Carthaginian general by the name of Hannibal, especially the crossing of the Alps with a herd of elephants and his major battles in Italy against Roman consular armies. However, prior to that event Hannibal turned himself to the consolidation of the Punic hold on Spain. In like manner, when asked about the first six months and in true Hannibal fashion, Dr. Lee plans the consolidation of Area F2 prior to doing battle with the expansion into new clubs.

Area F3 – News Alex Zuroff                      

My name is Alex Zuroff, and I am the new Area F3 Director. All my life I have been the quiet and shy computer geek, preferring to blend in with the crowd, or even better, staying in my room with my computer and keyboard. From my very first meeting at 6:00 am with the Daybreakers club several years ago, to becoming a charter member and officer of the Put-A-Cork-In-It club at Gallo, Toastmasters has helped bring me out of my shell. So much so, in fact, that when Jackie and Chuck asked for volunteers to be Area
Director this year, I signed right up. I’m excited for the upcoming year! My goal for the first six months is to really drive an increase in enrollment of Pathways within all area clubs. The old education program will be gone before we know it, and enrollment into Pathways will be vital to our continued success. I will do everything I can to ensure that everyone in our clubs knows both the why and the how of Pathway’s, and I know this year will be our best one yet.

Area F4 News Pete O’Bryan, ACS, ALB, IP3 

My name is Pete O’Bryan and I’ve been in Toastmasters since 2006 when I became a charter member of Foster Farms Roasters. I have held the offices of VP of ED, Membership, and PR, Sergeant-At-Arms, Secretary, and Treasurer. My home clubs are Turlock Chamber Speakers and Olive Branch Orators. My goal as Area F4 Director is to attend each of my six clubs at the minimum once a month and get to know each member. My hope is to leave office with a stronger area by having more DTM’s and L-5’s than we
when we began the year. Education and leadership and club growth is foremost on my radar. My wish is to have all six clubs reach Distinguished if not President’s Distinguished. I am a member of Division F Public Relations committee and hope to hear from ‘all’ members on how we can make Division F the BEST in District 33.


Area F5 News Gary Miller, ACS, ALB

Greetings everyone my name is Gary Miller.  I will be your Area F5 director for this year. I have been in Toastmasters  almost  12  years.  During  that  time  I  have  been  a  member  of  Foster  Farms  and  Turlock Chamber Speakers. I have taken the skills learned from those clubs into my everyday careers.  My hopes for this year are to grow not only membership and goals, but also together as well.

The goal for F5 this quarter is to increase clubs Pathways enrollment to 100 percent. Our growth F5’s clubs have seen an average increase of 1 new member this quarter and Moments of Truths conducted.

Our Area is working towards becoming Distinguished clubs. I want to congratulate Day Breakers for not only earning the Toast Breakers award for last enrollment push but also for getting 3 new members this quarter New or potential clubs on the horizon.

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