2015-2016 Division F Award Winning Division


Division F: President’s Distinguished Division, Division F Director Sondra Ahlén, ACS, ALB

It’s official, Tuolumne Talkers club is Distinguished for the 2015-2016 and so is Area F2!  That makes 13 clubs Distinguished in Division F for 2015-2016, 3 Areas Distinguished or better, and Division F is a President’s Distinguished Division.  Here are the results.

Area F1: Area Director Ramika Lawson

               Sunrise Toastmasters Club: President’s Distinguished

               Foster Farms Roasters Club: President’s Distinguished

Area F2: Distinguished Area, Area Director Chris Hempleman, ACS, ALB

               Tuolumne Talkers: Distinguished

                Put A Cork In It: President’s Distinguished

               Yosemite Toastmasters: Distinguished

Area F3: Select Distinguished Area, Area Director Teresa Montes, CL

               Smart Talkers: Select Distinguished

               Central Valley Communicators: Select Distinguished

               Daybreakers: Distinguished

               Toast Breakers: Distinguished

Area F4: President’s Distinguished Area, Area Director Sylvia Kisling, ATMS, ALB

               Samaritan Village Toastmasters: Select Distinguished

               Olive Branch Orators: Distinguished

               Seal the Deal: Distinguished

               Turlock Chamber Speakers: Distinguished within 4 months after chartering!

I am so proud of everyone in Division F.  What a great year and we are already building Strong Teams and Strong Results under the leadership of our newly installed Division F Director 2016-2017 Chris Hempleman.  Go Division F!


 Sondra Ahlén, ACS, ALB

Division F Director (2015-2016)


2015-2016 focus:

Division F: “Enabling Dreams”

District 33: “Commitment to Excellence”

Together: “Enabling Dreams with a Commitment to Excellence”

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