Membership Matters

Membership growth is a critical to the continued success of each club, area, and our division.  But how to achieve it?  WE is KEY!  With a two-fold plan that involves the commitment of the club and division leaders.

Club Event

The Division F Leadership is challenging each club to host an event open to the public (or, if you have a closed club, open to the group/company you are affiliated with).  This club event is meant to promote awareness of toastmasters and encourage new membership.  Some ideas on possible events:

  • Standard Open House – invite people to one of your regular meetings with a focus on explaining the meeting (roles, agenda, etc).
  • Club Contest – use your club contest to get people interested in toastmasters!
  • Information Event – host an informational session where people can learn about your club.  If you have the funds for it, considering offering free food and/or beverages (e.g. Costco pizza and sodas)

Pick an event and pick a time then start promoting the heck out of it (tell co-workers, friends, other organizations you’re affiliated with, etc)!  Your division can help, too.  Most promoting will depend on the type of club/event but at the very least we can post information regarding your event on the Division F social media pages as well as get it in the monthly newsletter.

Division-Wide Awareness

Your division team pledges to work to inform the larger central valley audience, such as local chamber of commerce and news outlets like, of the value of toastmasters and promote our local clubs.  Getting the word out and offering a listing of clubs to check out will help us sustain a healthy growth throughout the year

By Tom Fanelli, ACG, ALB

Division F Governor


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