“We” is KEY!

WE is KEY: Four-fold Vision for Success in 2013-2014

July marks the beginning of a new Toastmaster year.  As we begin, Division F Governor, Tom Fanelli, ACG, ALB, would like you to keep in mind a quote from Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”  Or, more simple put, WE is KEY.  What does that mean?  It means that together (division officers, club officers, and club members) we have what it takes to continue success in Division F.  As shared in the June Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI), here is his four-fold vision for Division F:

(1)    Improved Communication throughout the Division – Division F leadership is committed to improving communication to our clubs and members regarding upcoming events, deadlines, and Toastmaster business through our Area Governors as well as a new monthly newsletter.
(2)    A focus on member Education (esp. Competent Leader) – Continuing to focus club officers on meeting their members educational goals is important.  This is especially true for the often overlooked Competent Leader (CL) program.  To encourage adoption, division leadership suggests considering a new club meeting role: CL Evaluator.  This person is responsible for filling out each member’s CL book based on the role they are filling.  An average member can achieve his/her Competent Leader (CL) award in less than a year!
(3)    Establish a plan for club Membership Growth – Membership growth is critical to the continued success of each club, area, and our division.  But how to achieve it?  A focus on club promoting activities like an “open house” and “bring-a-friend” as well as division efforts to inform a larger audience, such as local chamber of commerce and news outlets, of the value of toastmasters will help us sustain a healthy growth throughout the year.
(4)    Create Opportunities for Future Leadership– “Leaders are made, they are not born” said the great Vince Lombardi.  Becoming a good leader takes effort and opportunity.  Your Division F leaders promise to provide ample opportunities for those seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities: you supply the effort!

This four-fold vision will help keep our division strong and vibrant in the coming year.  Here’s to a successful year in Division F where WE is KEY!!

Tom Fanelli, ACG, ALB

Division F Governor

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