New Clubs on the Division F Block

Our Division chartered four new clubs during 2012-2013.  Welcome to our Toastmasters Family: Olive Branch Orators (Turlock), Magic Masters (Salida), and Talk It Up (Merced) Toastmasters clubs.  In 2013-2014 we have begun the year with the first chartered club in our District, Linguistic Lynx (Merced).

We have a new area because of our club growth.  We realigned the division to accommodate the new clubs.  Area F-4 is the latest addition to Division F.  The area changes affect your club minimally.    There may be new faces at the upcoming area contests.  Do you know the Area your club will be involved with?

F-1: Sunrise, Talk Show, Foster Farms Roasters, Talk It Up, Linguistic Lynx

F-2: Tuolumne Talkers, REO Speech Train, Yosemite, Put a Cork in It, Magic Masters

F-3: Daybreakers, Toast Breakers, Smart Talkers, Supper Club, Central Valley Communicators

F-4: CSUS, Talk of the Town, Samaritan Village, Speak EZ, Olive Branch Orators


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I love learning about dairy, agriculture, personal development, and I consider myself a student of communication.
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