Educational Moment #1

Member educationCompetent Leadership is very important to both individual and club success!  We’ll use this section to discuss educational topics in each newsletter.  In this edition we’ll focus on the Competent Leader (CL) program.

The CL program is often overlooked which is a real shame considering how relatively easy it is to achieve!  Each member advances through the ten projects by simply being an active member of the club: fill out each meeting role, help with special events (e.g. project 6), and mentor a new/existing member.  On average, it takes less than a year for a toastmaster to achieve his/her Competent Leader (CL) award!

“How does this work, exactly?” you may be asking yourself.  The answer is simple: as each person fulfills a meeting role, they give their CL manual to a fellow member who gives them a short written evaluation on how they did.  This evaluation, in turn, helps the individual learn and grow in the club until, at the end of the program, they have a mastery of all the different jobs encountered in a toastmaster year (including contests and mentoring)!

“That sounds pretty simple.  So what usually stands in the way of getting this done?”  Usually one of two things prevents members from achieving this award: (1) they have forgotten about the CL program entirely or (2) they do not have their books or someone to evaluate them.  We are addressing issue # 1 in this article and will continue to remind people in future communication/newsletters.  How do you solve issue # 2?  The division leadership recommends considering a new club meeting role: CL Evaluator.  Having this role simplifies the process by clearly identifying who will do CL evaluations.  This person is responsible for filling out each member’s CL book/evaluation based on the role they are filling.  There are several clubs that have already implemented this new meeting role and they are seeing great success from it!!  Consider the new role and together we’ll all succeed.  WE is KEY!

Written by

Tom Fanelli, ACG, ALB

Division F Governor

About margaze6

I love learning about dairy, agriculture, personal development, and I consider myself a student of communication.
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