2012-2013 Division F President’s Distinguished!

Distinguished Club Program Progress Report

In the newsletter we will be communicating each clubs progress in the distinguished club program (DCP).  This is a brand new year and there haven’t been any accomplishments logged yet so there isn’t a lot to report.  Instead, we wanted to remind you of the following:

(1)    Complete Club Success Plan – What is that?  It’s really quite simple: as club officers, plan out who will achieve/be responsible for each DCP goal and when they will achieve it.  You can even challenge your club members to see who will sign up to achieve an award in the 2013-2014 year!  For a Club Success Plan template form, please contact your division leaders.


(2)    Last year’s results – here are 2012-2013 Distinguished Club Program results

Area F-1

Sunrise Distinguished

Fosters Farms Roasters President’s Distinguished

Talk Show President’s Distinguished

Olive Branch Orators Distinguished

Area F-2

Talk of The Town President’s Distinguished

REO Speech Train President’s Distinguished

Yosemite Distinguished

Area F-3

Daybreakers Select Distinguished

Toast Breakers Select Distinguished

Smart Talkers Distinguished

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I love learning about dairy, agriculture, personal development, and I consider myself a student of communication.
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